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Our stamps are self-inking, refillable and fully customizable. The stamp pad is already integrated and provides ink each time it stamps. Our self-inking stamps are very practical, clean and easy to use.

Produce the desired stamps with any design you have created, which may include logos, text and images. The creation of stamps with signatures can be carried out in our stores, after providing the signature in person.

Create your stamp in just 3 steps:

1. Define the main characteristics;

2. Frame or create your design;

3. After completing the purchase it will undergo a professional review before the production. You may collect the order from a selected store or chose the delivery option.

Stamps with black ink, up to 6 units, have a production period of up to 1 day. For orders of stamps with the remaining colors, or quantities greater than 6 units, the deadline will be presented upon consultation.

If in doubt please feel free to contact us:

Brand: Brother;

Formats: 10 x 60 mm, 12 x 12 mm, 14 x 38 mm, 18 x 50 mm, 20 x 20 mm, 22 x 60 mm, 27 x 7 mm, 30 x 30 mm, 34 x 58 mm, 40 x 40 mm and 40 x 90 mm;

Colors: Black, Blue, Green and Red;

Ink: Self-inked and refillable;

Refilling: By purchasing a bottle of ink; but it’s also possible to recharge it at any moment, in one of our stores;

Label: The top of the stamp has a personalized label with the requested design;

Cover: The stamp has a cover that prevents damage to the personalized plate and allows transportation.

Refilling: The application of other inks can permanently damage the stamp. In order to reload your stamp you can contact us:

Ink: The ink of our stamps cannot be used for tattoos or for any type of application on the skin, only for paper, cardboard, card or other similar materials. If in doubt, contact us.

Transport: The stamps must be transported and held high, with the label facing up. Avoid keeping the stamp on its side or upside down.

Urgency: Black stamps can be produced on the spot, at any of our stores in Lisbon. The remaining colors are available on request.

Simulator: In order to obtain the desired final result, please use images with good resolution and, preferably, that already have only one color.

Design: Although the stamps have only one color, it is possible to have different levels on the inked plate. This makes it possible to add levels with softer tones, and can create logos with tones or images.

Signatures: The creation of stamps with signatures can be done in our stores, after signing in person the desired model;

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