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Data recording is the process of converting or storing information on a digital medium. For more information, request a quote here:


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    Data recording is the process of converting or storing information into a digital format. This information may include audio, text, photos and videos.

    Data recording is an essential practice used by various organizations and sectors, and involves converting and storing information on digital media, such as CDs, DVDs and pen drives.

    It includes storing important documents, long-term data preservation, and distributing content such as educational material and software. Additionally, data recording is used to make regular backups, ensuring information recovery in the event of a system failure. It plays a key role in preserving, sharing and storing crucial information.

    Burning data to CD, DVD or flash drives allows for the secure storage of important information, such as important documents, business files, medical records, among others. These physical media provide a reliable way to preserve data over the long term.

    Photographs, videos and other personal records can be burned to CD, DVD or flash drives to preserve important memories. This offers a tangible way to store meaningful moments like family events, celebrations, and achievements.

    Regularly writing data to physical media serves as a backup strategy. In the event of system failures, data loss or technological disasters, these backups allow efficient recovery of information, avoiding irreparable losses.

    Businesses, educational institutions, and content creators use data recording to efficiently distribute information. This includes educational material, software, presentations, videos and other content that can be easily shared on CD, DVD or flash drives.

    CD, DVD and pen drives are portable media, facilitating data transport and accessibility. This portability is especially useful in situations where you need to access information on different devices or locations.

    Data recording allows personalization of CDs and DVDs with specific labels, tags and packaging. This not only adds a personalized touch, but also makes it easy to quickly identify content, making them ideal for distributing promotional or institutional material.

    Many times, older devices such as stereos, DVD players, and computers without internet access can still read CDs and DVDs. This makes these formats useful for ensuring compatibility with a variety of devices.

    Professionals, such as designers, photographers, and artists, can use CDs or DVDs to deliver completed projects to clients. These physical supports provide a professional presentation and a tangible way to share work.

    Data recording can be performed on various media, such as CD, DVD, pen drive or external disk provided by the customer. You can purchase these media in our stores, except in the case of the external disk, which must be provided by the customer.

    If you wish, we offer customization services for your recording media, including packaging, labels for CDs or printing directly on the discs themselves.

    We accept different types of files, including data, audio and video, and guarantee complete confidentiality of the content.

    Count on our two stores in Lisbon (Atrium Saldanha and Amoreiras Shopping Center) and our online store to meet your needs.

    Let’s Copy is a 100% Portuguese company, with more than 20 years of experience in the graphic printing sector and we are recognized as one of the “best printing companies in Portugal”. We highly value our customers and are committed to providing quality service. Our main objective is to guarantee the full satisfaction of our customers.

    File Type: Data, Audio and Video;

    Supports: CD, DVD and USB stick;

    Do you need to burn CD or burn DVD urgently? Send us the content you want to record via email or data transfer platform to our stores, and just come and pick up the work:

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