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Recover your old video or audio cassettes and photo films and convert to digital media. For more information, request a quote here:







    The multimedia conversion service arose from the growing need to preserve and modernize valuable materials stored on discontinued media. With rapid technological evolution, many traditional media formats, such as video and audio cassettes, have become obsolete, putting at risk the irreparable loss of important memories and data. The idea of offering a solution that would allow the transfer of this content to digital formats arose from the understanding of the importance of preserving personal and cultural legacies.

    Therefore, this multimedia conversion service was designed to offer a bridge between the past and the present, combining advanced technology with sensitivity to preserve precious experiences.

    This service offers the opportunity to recover and preserve precious memories stored on video or audio cassettes, as well as old films, by converting them to digital media. The transition to a digital format not only plays a crucial role in content conservation, but also opens doors for easy access, sharing and playback on today’s devices.

    When covering the main aspects of multimedia conversion, we start with video or audio cassettes. These media often contain significant memories, such as family events, special occasions, or historical moments. The service in question aims to rescue these old recordings, transforming them into accessible content on a digital platform.

    When it comes to old movies that captured special moments, multimedia conversion not only preserves those movies but also makes them easier to watch and share.

    Preservation of memories is a focal point of this service. Multimedia conversion emerges as an effective measure to protect important memories that may be at risk of physical deterioration in old cassettes or films. Ensuring the integrity of these records is crucial to keeping the essence of past experiences alive.

    Finally, the ease of access and sharing is highlighted by the transition to digital format. Converted memories become accessible on modern devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, simplifying viewing, sharing with family and friends and even incorporating them into various digital projects.

    Many people have old video, audio, or photographic film tapes that contain personal memories such as family events, celebrations, and significant moments. Multimedia conversion allows you to preserve these precious memories, ensuring that they are not lost over time.

    As devices that play old cassettes and films become obsolete, accessing this content becomes increasingly challenging. Multimedia conversion makes these materials accessible on newer devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

    Once converted into digital content, they can be easily shared with family and friends through online platforms. Furthermore, with multimedia conversion, they take up considerably less physical space compared to the original tape and reel formats.

    In addition to personal memories, many old contents have historical and cultural value. Multimedia conversion contributes to the preservation of history and culture, making rare and valuable materials accessible to a wider audience.

    Our multimedia conversion services guarantee the confidentiality of the materials provided, ensuring that the content is treated with respect for the customer’s privacy.

    In short, multimedia conversion plays a fundamental role in preserving memories, making old content accessible, improving quality and preserving history. It is a valuable service for individuals, families, cultural institutions and organizations who want to preserve the past and make it relevant in today’s digital world.

    Only content authored by the client, or with due authorization from the respective author, may be converted.

    Let’s Copy is a 100% Portuguese company, with more than 20 years of experience in the graphic printing sector and we are recognized as one of the “best printers in Portugal”. We highly value our customers and are committed to providing quality service. Our main objective is to guarantee the full satisfaction of our customers.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:

    Options: Audio (Vinyl Record / Cassette), Video (VHS / Digital 8 / Mini DV / VHS-C), Image (Projection slides / Negatives not revealed) and DVD + Printing Cover;

    We do not recover damaged material.

    The supports provided for conversion must be in good condition to ensure a good conversion.

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