PVC Boards

PVC boards are characterized by their durability due to the rigidity of the material, and great versatility, as they can be used both indoors and outdoors and easily applied to any wall. For more information, request a quote here:









    The origin of printed/personalized PVC boards dates back to the development of plastic materials and innovation in the printing industry. PVC is a versatile type of plastic widely used in the manufacture of different products, including signs. The ability to print directly onto PVC, combined with its durable properties, has made custom PVC signs a popular choice in a variety of applications.

    The introduction of PVC as a material began in the early 20th century, but its wider use for personalized signs occurred later as printing technologies advanced. The development of digital printing has allowed complex, personalized designs to be directly applied to PVC, offering previously unattainable creative and visual possibilities.

    PVC printing boards are a durable plastic polymer. These boards are specifically designed to receive high-quality prints and are used in a variety of applications. Some characteristics of PVC boards for printing and their uses:

    PVC is known for its durability and strength, making PVC Boards ideal for applications that require long-lasting durability.

    Printable PVC boards are formulated to accept sharp, high-resolution prints, making them suitable for applications that require visual quality.

    PVC Boards are widely used in various areas due to their versatility and durability. These Boards play crucial roles in several contemporary applications:

    Commercial Signage: Companies adopt customized PVC boards for external and internal signage. They stand out by displaying your company name, contact information, promotions and other relevant details, leveraging high-quality printing for crisp graphics and vibrant colors.

    Event Signage: At events, fairs and exhibitions, PVC boards are essential tools for signaling stands, directing visitors and promoting products or services. Its lightness and durability facilitate transport and temporary installation, contributing to a striking visual presence.

    Interior Decoration: In corporate environments, stores, restaurants and homes, printed PVC boards are used for interior decoration. They can display art, motivational messages, directions and decorative elements, providing a personalized aesthetic.

    Informational and Educational Signs: In educational settings, parks, museums and institutions, custom PVC boards are valuable tools for providing information, instructions or educational content. Their durability makes them suitable even for outdoor environments, ensuring effective communication.

    Identification Boards: In condominiums, companies and public places, PVC boards are often used to identify spaces, apartment numbers, room names, among others. Its versatility allows adaptation to different identification needs.

    Safety Signage: In industrial locations, businesses and public spaces, printed PVC boards play a crucial role in safety signage. They provide important instructions on procedures, protective equipment and evacuation, contributing to the promotion of safe and organized environments.

    Use in the Real Estate Market: In the real estate market, personalized PVC boards have a significant presence. Often used as for sale, rental or property identification signs, these signs play an important role in communication at the property location. Real estate companies can customize PVC signs with property information, contact details and other relevant information. Additionally, boards can be strategically placed on land and buildings to attract potential buyers or tenants.

    The smooth surface of PVC Boards allows for easy customization through direct printing or vinyl application, meeting a variety of design needs.

    PVC is a lightweight material, which makes it easier to handle and install the panels in different environments.

    PVC Boards are resistant to adverse weather conditions, which makes them suitable for outdoor use without compromising print quality.

    They are commonly used in commercial signage, information Boards, promotional displays, interior decoration, construction of stands at events and much more.

    They are available in various thicknesses to meet different application needs.

    They can be easily fixed to various surfaces, such as walls, metal structures or other suitable supports.

    In summary, PVC Boards are a versatile, durable and high-quality material, offering an effective solution for a wide range of graphics and signage applications.

    Get in touch for more information and to request a quote, and bring your projects to life with the versatility of rigid PVC Boards: ajuda@letscopy.pt.

    Maximum Dimension: 200cm x 300cm;

    Models: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and 19mm;

    Finishes: Cutout

    If you would like a graphic arrangement to enhance your prints, do not hesitate to contact us. We want your final PVC board project to look exactly how you want it.

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